Eleven good reasons to visit Bakuriani

Winter in Bakuriani offers:

1.Fantastic skiing for both professionals and children. The “Kokhta Mountain” and “Didveli” ski-runs are superb, while the region as a whole carries the best cross-country skiing in Georgia. The “25 meter trail” at Kokhta is a perfect starting point for children and beginners.

2.Sledges were always the traditional transportation of Bakuriani. Take a romantic sledge ride around the village pulled by horses.

3.Skating is another great pastime in Bakuriani. The valley offers plenty of opportunities, both in Bakuriani Park and the Hotel “Eden” yard.

4.Paragliding is increasingly popular and the local branch of Georgia’s Paraglide Club offers plenty of opportunities for those who love the sport. Flying with an instructor in “tandem” is something quite special.

5.And don’t forget the snowmobile! Bakuriani has several hire centres, for both single and double ski snowmobiles. The open hills offer almost unlimited scope for adventure.

Summer in Bakuriani offers:

6.Stunning deep green pastures covered in flowers throughout the spring and summer; forests with a full range of conifers, Caucasian fir, Caucasian pine, Oriental spruce, Oriental beech, Georgian oak, high-mountainous oak, white birch, Caucasian rhododendron.

7.Botanical walks, both in Bakuriani’s Botanic Garden and across the wild, undeveloped hillsides. Climb the Tskhratskaro ridge in the late summer and see hillsides covered in the endemic Caucasian dwarf rhododendron.

8.Horses and bicycles can be rented and ridden across wide open hill and mountain sides virtually anywhere.

9.Hike or ride over to a variety of lakes, enjoy bracing cold-water or flowing rivers. Camp up in the mountains or take the cute narrow-gauge train down to Borjomi and drink the world-famous spa-waters.

10.Visit the historic 12th century Timotesubani Church – famous for its frescos. About nine kilometres down the gorge from Bakuriani, its either a wonderful day’s walk, or you can drive.

11.Birdwatchers will be in ecstasy in Bakuriani. The more adventurous walk to the Tabatskuri and Kakhisi lakes and camp overnight. Don’t forget your binoculars – eagles and vultures are everywhere!