Bakuriani is located next to one of the most beautiful gorges in Georgia’s south west, at Borjomi. The resort stands on the north side of the Trialeti Range at 1,700 metres. The area became famous in the 19th century when the Romanov family developed the area into a game reserve and mountain retreat. They even hired Gustav Eiffel to design a bridge for a narrow-gauge railway up to its verdant pastures. There the Russian aristocracy enjoyed abundant coniferous forests, crystal clear air and breath-taking views. On clear days much of the Greater Caucasus is visible against the horizon – all the way to Mt Elbruz.

Bakuriani boast a unique climate, due to the fact the resort stands in a subtropical zone but at a high altitude. Summer is cool (the average temperature is 20 degrees) and winter snowy but relatively mild. The average depth of snow is 60 cm, but the sun shines over the village for more than 2,000 hours a year.

In the Soviet period Bakuriani was developed into a world-class ski-resort and was even put forward for the Winter Olympics. Since independence the area declined, but today is undergoing a re-birth. Bakuriani now attracts visitors in all seasons. In summer it offers fantastic forest and ridge walks, as well as a beautiful natural setting for families and children. In winter the village is becoming a favourite for winter sports with five major chair lifts and great facilities for skiing snowboarding and of course, being Georgia – après ski. The skiing season lasts from November till mid April.

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